Pressure Equipment Inspection

GQS provides certified In-Service Inspectors to inspect pressure equipment, including boilers, pressure vessels, and pressure piping.

Workplace Regulations require that pressure equipment be regularly inspected and maintained in a safe operating condition.  It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure safe operation and maintenance of pressure equipment under the relevant countries’ jurisdiction standards. To ensure pressure equipment integrity, all pressure vessels and pressure-relieving devices shall be inspected at the intervals/frequencies per jurisdictional requirements. The appropriate inspection must provide the information necessary to determine that all the essential sections or components of the equipment are safe to operate until the next scheduled inspection. Regular inspections must be planned, implemented, evaluated, and comprehensively documented.

Additional to performing required inspections, GQS also guides clients to meet statutory compliance requirements with cost-effective systems. This information and guidance will satisfy the Occupational Health and Safety Authority and relevant Codes and Standards, as well as and more importantly, protecting the safety and health of persons in the workplace and public.

Our Process:

  • Assist with pressure equipment design review.
  • Perform pressure equipment construction inspections.
  • Ensure pressure equipment installation is as per applicable standards.
  • Perform commissioning inspections.
  • Ensure that pressure equipment has a documented commissioning procedure.
  • For pressure equipment operation, assist in establishing and implementing a suitable safety management system and procedures.
  • Assist in hazard identification, risk assessment, and risk control.
  • Ensure that suitable written procedures are prepared and implemented to manage changes and alterations to equipment, process technology, and operating condition.
  • Carry out external pressure equipment operational inspection and internal offline inspections.
  • Carry out inspections for remaining life determinations or purchase of an asset.
  • Determine the maximum allowable working pressure for re-rating purposes.
  • Perform decommissioning inspections.

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