Quality Management Services

GQS’ Quality Management Services reduces risk, ensures quality and provides confidence in the compliance of your equipment with standards, codes and regulatory requirements.

From building a full ISO 9001 2015 compliant system, to internal audits, generating specific procedures and processes, to providing expert manning solutions, GQS can support your requirements.

GQS can either provide:

  • Quality Engineers to work on behalf of the customer located either onsite or remotely
  • Source staff personnel to work directly for the customer

Our team of expert consultants can offer support/services in the following areas:

  • Conduct various GAP analysis on current QA/QC processes and identify key risk areas
  • Define, implement and resource appropriate QA/QC processes, systems and documentation
  • Develop and manage supplier evaluation processes and audit programs
  • Provide relevant quality T&C’s and review technical requirements in contracts
  • Assist with technical or quality tender evaluation
  • Develop and manage the vendor inspection process
  • Source and place Quality Engineers and QC Inspectors to oversee QA/QC operations onsite
  • Manage NCR process / supplier performance
  • Manage local content QA/QC training and development

All the above can be applied to current business operations or specific projects. 

quality management services
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quality management
gqs quality management services

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