2nd & 3rd Party Inspections

GQS’ 2nd & 3rd party inspection services reduce risk, ensure quality and provides confidence in the compliance of your equipment with standard, codes and regulatory requirements.

We bring extensive experience and high levels of skill and commitment to this all-important aspect of every contract.

Through diligence and a dedicated team of people, we provide the ideal solution to the QA/QC part of our project package. We guarantee the highest standards of technical quality assurance for every project we undertake. This is underpinned by our excellent network of suppliers, strategic alliances and associations.

As with all our services our speed of response to our customer’s requirements and the quality of our solutions are the hallmarks of our work. These Inspections can cover everything from Welding, Coating, NDT & Fabrication of Major Topside Structures to Subsea E/H Jumpers, Cables & Connectors.

GQS has two types of QC Inspections.

  • Vendor inspection – typically 2nd Party
  • Independent third party inspection

Vendor Inspection (Typically 2nd Party)

Providing confidence in delivery of quality with your global supply chain:

  • Involves inspecting items at their place of manufacture before delivery
  • The items are verified against client specified specifications and purchase order requirements
  • GQS acts as an extension to your quality team and supports quality assurance throughout the procurement, fabrication, installation, commissioning and operation of the equipment/process
  • Inspection results are reported via the issue of inspection reports, release notes etc.

Independent Third Party Inspection

  • This involves inspecting items at their place of manufacture
  • Items are checked for their design and manufacturing compliance against international standards and codes
  • Inspection results in the issue of a Certificate of Conformance (CoC)
  • GQS acts as a totally independent body to verify the design and manufacturing as per the standard requirements


  • Reduce and manage risks linked to quality problems with supplies
  • Provides reassurance on the supply chain. Proven cost effective method of managing quality of your supply chain
2nd & 3rd party inspection
2nd & 3rd party inspection services
weld inspection 2nd & 3rd party

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