Offshore Wind QAQC Solutions

20+ years’ experience providing QAQC Inspection Services to the energy industry.

At GQS, we offer comprehensive QAQC Inspection Services to ensure quality, reduce risks, and achieve compliance with industry standards, codes, and regulations. Our experienced team provides a range of inspection services that cover various components of Offshore Wind Turbines, including but not limited to Turbine Towers, Generators & Blades, Cables, HV Components and Onshore & Offshore substations.

Our Company has extensive experience in servicing the Offshore Wind market and all the other major energy sectors: Oil & Gas, Mining & Minerals & other Renewables industries. We are both ISO 17020 & ISO 9001 accredited across all of our office locations, including GQS Taiwan.  

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At GQS we pride ourselves on the skills and expertise we provide our clients.

We conduct Vendor Inspections, typically 2nd party, verifying items at their place of manufacture against specified specifications, industry standards and purchase order requirements. As an extension of your quality team, we support you throughout the procurement, fabrication, installation, commissioning, and operation processes. Our detailed inspection reports and documentation provide valuable insights. 

In addition, we offer Independent Third-Party Inspections to ensure design and manufacturing compliance with international standards and codes. Our impartial verification process allows us to issue Certificates of Conformance (CoC), serving as evidence of compliance. 

Worldwide Provider of Technical, Quality Assurance & Quality Control Services

Through our experience, people and systems, GQS is able to exceed expectations and meet any such challenge requested.

Using our ISO 9001 accredited Quality Management System, we can provide your business with a fully transparent and value adding QAQC service catered to your business’ needs, with each of our below listed project management technologies customisable to maximise service we can provide you. When using GQS to support your project, the below services are considered part of the package, at no additional cost. 

Supported by our in-house development team, we can create custom-built monthly reports covering Commercial, Technical & KPI-focused data, depending on your specifications. Alternatively, our team can build entire Sites using SharePoint to better manage project document control, or provide additional live dashboards. To power the reports and dashboards, you may wish to utilise our online inspection software partner, SafetyCulture. 

To find out more about how we can support your project, as well as our additional technologies, please click the button below. 

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