GQS playing crucial part in monitoring world class SEP Vessel manufacture

GQS is playing a major role in the monitoring of components & equipment being manufactured in Europe for one of the largest highly efficient self-propelled SEP’s (Self-Elevating Platform) currently in production.

wind farm.jpg

The SEP vessel will feature a crane with a maximum lifting capacity of 2,500 tonnes with the intention of installing ultra-large-scale offshore wind turbines in the Far East.

Building on the extensive knowledge gained from years of experience in the offshore industry GQS will provide quality management, inspection and expediting support during the equipment manufacture and vessel fabrication phases of the project on behalf of a major ship builder based in the Far East.

The initial stages of the project are well under way and GQS are grateful to our client about the positive feedback we have already received.

More information about the services GQS can provide can be found on our homepage at

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