GQS Join Sizewell C Consortium

GQS is excited to announce we have joined the Sizewell C Consortium as we at GQS believe in leveraging local British expertise in all areas of operations within the supply chain.

GQS currently support British industry by ensuring a ‘right first time’ delivery of material, components, equipment and services to the Nuclear and other industries. This is underpinned by ensuring local experts are used at suppliers; therefore making sure local businesses are able to compete successfully and continue to add value to the local economy and business as a whole.

This in turn enables the UK industry to support and achieve the energy transition to net zero. GQS operate in all areas of the UK (and worldwide) at suppliers and manufacturers that currently supply energy production, we see first-hand the need to take advantage of the current knowledge base and the Sizewell C project would allow the opportunity for jobs growth and the development of people to sustain the low carbon future target.

Get in touch with GQS today with any project enquiries by clicking on the following link – Contacts & Locations

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